Movie Review OMG-2: Sex Education Main Issue

OMG-2 has released today. This film is based on a serious topic like sex education. Some things related to sex run in our mind, but we cannot say all those things in front of the world.
In the absence of sex information, children do their own harm. There is no one to convince them, due to which they take steps in the wrong direction. This is the main point of the film. The film advocates why there is no sex education in our schools.
Talking about the starcast, only Pankaj Tripathi is seen in the lead role in the entire film. Akshay Kumar has done full justice to his character in terms of screen time.

What is the story of OMG-2?

The story begins with Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi) living in the city of Ujjain, a simple and decent person, who remains engrossed in devotion to Mahakal throughout the day.
An MMS of Kanti Sharan’s minor son gets leaked from his school. Because of this he goes into gilt. The people of the society start looking at him with inferiority complex, he starts feeling fallen in his own eyes. He is also expelled from school. The child also tries to commit suicide several times.
Kanti Sharan is very upset to see the condition of his son, then there is the entry of Akshay Kumar, who is the messenger of Shiva. They indirectly help Kanti Sharan. After this Kanti Sharan gets some courage, and he files a defamation case of Rs 101 against the school administration and others.

OMG-2: Acting

The strongest side of the film is the acting of the characters. Akshay Kumar has become the messenger of Shiva. Akshay’s dance on a Shiva stuti will give you goosebumps. Amazing energy of 55 year old Akshay is seen in that song.
There is no doubt that Pankaj Tripathi is a classy actor but after watching this movie we can say that this is his career best performance. His emotion, comic timing and dialogue delivery are all superb. Their little funny antics in the courtroom will make you laugh.
Pankaj Tripathi’s opponent Yami Gautam as a lawyer has been very effective. Her acting seems natural. Supporting actors have done justice to their character. Pawan Malhotra’s expression in the role of a judge will make you smile.

OMG-2 :Direction of the film

The story of the film is based on the background of Ujjain. The language style of Ujjain and its surroundings has been well crafted by each of the characters. The director of the film Amit Rai has taken care of every small and big thing.
The director has tried to show the civilization and culture of Ujjain on screen and he has also succeeded in it. He has tried to extract the best out of each character.
Every dialogue in the film seems genuine. Overall, Amit Rai’s direction is commendable.

OMG-2: Songs Not Mass Oriented

Since the film deals with a serious social issue like sex, its songs are not mass oriented. Songs are not such that can be remembered. Songs have been kept according to the scene, which are not bad to listen to.

OMG-2: Worth watching for every age group?

Before release, the makers wanted the film to get a UA certificate. They wanted 12 to 17 year olds to watch this film. After watching this, we also have to say that the film should be seen by people of all sections.
Somewhere parents hesitate to talk about sex education in front of their children. The film refutes this thinking. Transparency is very important between children and their parents, the film conveys the same message.

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